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Website Icons

These are some icons that all have a bluish tone and have been – and some still are – used on this website.

The icons are available in various sizes – but not every icon in every size:


Comments16.png Design16.png DesktopThemes16.png Extlink16.png Games16.png Imprint16.png Language16.png Letter16.png Sitemap16.png StudentHat16.png Useful16.png Useless16.png Websites16.png Work16.png World16.png


Accordion24.png Design24.png DesktopThemes24.png Games24.png StudentHat24.png Useful24.png Useless24.png Websites24.png World24.png


Games32.png StudentHat32.png Useful32.png Websites32.png


Accordion48.png Applications48.png Design48.png DesktopThemes48.png Games48.png StudentHat48.png Useful48.png Useless48.png Websites48.png Work48.png World48.png


StudentHat96.png Useful96.png Work96.png

Creative Commons License
The icon set is licensed under a Creative Commons license. When using or redistributing please set a link to this page.

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