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w3i Icons

Here you find some icons I created for the project w3i. They were used to represent components of client-server systems and for navigating in an interactive educational software.

You can download the icons in a handy package.

The icons are available in two (strange) sizes...


client-21.png client-cms-21.png client-di-21.png client-xml-21.png database-21.png fav-21.png file-21.png left-21.png marker-21.png note-21.png note2-21.png note3-21.png request-21.png right-21.png server-21.png sitemap-21.png


fav-25.png left-25.png marker-25.png note-25.png right-25.png sitemap-25.png

...and in a huge variant:

client-huge.png server-huge.png database-huge.png file-huge.png request-huge.png

Creative Commons License
The icon set is licensed under a Creative Commons license. When using or redistributing please set a link to this page.

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