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Basics of Design II

The course “Basics of Design II” consisted of two small projects. In each of them, a little interactive application has been designed and developed.

Project 1: Transformations

For this project we created various transformations of geometric shapes in squares of 50x50 pixels, arranged in a raster of 7x7 pictures and animated in seven steps. For this, an own “player” was created that can be used to select and watch the animations.

The “Program” was created using Macromedia Director (for sure Trademark or Registered Trademark of anyone).

Eine Beispielanimation

Project 2: Light and Shadow

In this project a physical phenomenon from one of the areas “Throw”, “Pendular”, “Pulley” and “Light and Shadow” was to be demonstrated by a small interactive program. The main focus was on the createion of a simple, functional and easy-to-use user interface.

I chose the topic “Light and Shadow”. In a pseudo-realistic 3D view a globe can be lighted from different sides. The lighting can also be animated in two ways and there are four pre-defined scenarios that can be modified at the user’s wish.

information: The EXE files work flawlessly with Wine, so not only Windows users can enjoy them.

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