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The aim of this project in the course “Interactive Systems I” was to develop a modern and functional design for the education software “Biolab”. We worked in teams of three students.

The project

In the project we first analyzed the existing user interface and identified weak spots. Subsequently sketches and drafts for a new interface were produced. We focused especially on improving the navigation in the software.

The sketches were then turned into static mockups and finally a prototype, which in fact only contains few pages of content and no full functionality, but at which the navigation as main element of our project has been fully implemented.

And where is it?

Unfortunately, I cannot upload the implemented application due to copyright reasons. I hope the screens allow you anyway to get an idea of the project.


About the projects “biolab” and »w3i« I created a presentation which can be viewed online (You can control it using the arrow keys on your keyboard).

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