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About (Version 1)

After had existed for a couple of years, I started creating a second, parallel website: It was only available in English and was intended to be used as a home for my various design and development projects in the Open Source area, seperated from the more private touch of Design-wise, an interesting aspect of the first was that every page had a different self-made photo as its background and a unique color scheme – the background of the start page even changed on every visit.

So now I had two website – soon I realized that this was a one too much, so I started working on version 2 of soon, which would then unite both sites. That’s why this website was online only for a short time.

Nevertheless it’s still available if you are interested in history: here you can view the first version of Please also note the under construction note on the start page which was there from the first to the last day of this site.

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