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Window Shooter

“Hasta la vista, Windows!”

WindowShooter is a little game for Windows XP with which you can vent all your anger and frustration that you will experience using this Operating System on the right place: The program causing it!

Once you have started WindowShooter, you won’t notice any difference on your screen except that your mouse pointer has turned into crosshairs. But when you now move your pointer over any window on your desktop and pull the trigger (press the left mouse button), you will notice that a nice round hole appears through which you can see either the window below or the desktop. When you have perforated the window and press Escape to quit WindowShooter, there will be another surprise: The holes in the Window stay, you can even click through them!

With WindowShooter you can’t only let off steam but also surprise your colleagues, for example when they return from their coffee break and find a nice round hole in the Word document they just have written... The level of fun you can have with this simple program is enormous!

Versions for other Operating Systems than Windows are not available, but normally they won’t make you as angry as Windows does...


When you have put a hole into a window, there is normally no way to remove it free of residues – in the worst case the only thing that helps is to re-start the corresponding program or log off and back in. Also some programs may be unusual after you have shot at them and have to be restarted. You are using WindowShooter on your own risk! Again, please repeat: You are using WindowShooter on your own risk!

WindowShooter is provided under an MIT style License. The license can be found here.

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